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REMINDER - Membership and competition entries

Members and friends, membership for the 2014/2015 year were due last July 1.

The March 7th competition is the first for 2015.

Entry is via nominate & will open Dec 20.

*If you wish to receive the membership discount for entry fees the W.V.D.C. treasurer will need to receive your membership form & monies a MINIMUM 2 weeks before entering any W.V.D.C. competition.

WVDC Mission Statement

To support our members in their pursuit of excellence in the sport of dressage through training, education and competition in a friendly and supportive environment.

Please support our fantastic sponsors:


The WVDC would like to thank Greg and his team for their generous donation towards prize money and bags of horse feeds.

You will find their business on the corner of Carngham Rd and Wiltshire lane (just past the saleyards).



We are delighted to announce sponsorship from the BALLARAT VETERINARY PRACTICE.

The equine clinic at Midas Rd Miners Rest has a fully equipped hospital and offers a complete range of services.

It is one of the largest and most experienced equine clinic/hospitals in the southern hemisphere.

Thank you also to  FORMOSA GARDENS NURSERY for the loan of plants for our event. 

They are located at Leith St Ballarat.


Advanced riders please note: 5.2 Clarification

Advanced riders pl. note: 5.2 Clarification.

Movement 14: KX on diagonal

                        Near X Develop very collected canter working half pirouette right approx 2 metres

                        Proceed collected canter

Movement 18: HX on diagonal

                        Near X Develop very collected canter working half pirouette left approx 2 metres

                        Proceed collected canter

The movement is quite clear it says ‘KX’ and ‘HX’ – near the centre line would be between KX and HX – not beyond X. It is expected that for the highest mark it must be at or before X.

If the rider crosses the centre line by more than 1 metre this will be considered an error of course.  Given that it is a mirror image movement the bell should be sounded and the rider advised so as to avoid it happening the next time.

Lesley Sullivan- ADJC